Denial of SMS

For quite some time my HTC Touch Pro (running Windows Mobile 6.1) refuses to send text-messages (SMS). This is quite annoying. Whenever I write a SMS and hit the send-button I get a message stating: “the phone is not ready. wait 15 seconds and try again”. Of course waiting 15 seconds doesn’t do anything …

But now I found some kind of cure: save the message in the drafts folder and the move it to the outbox … and much to my surprise the message is being send! 🙂

Fire in the sky – or what about mobile browsing

Anyone who has used Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile know that this sucks – especially if you have ever played with the mobile edition of Opera know how a good browser should behave.

Well, so there is this new mobile browser coming up, called Skyfire. You can get a beta from their website at, and even though you have to provide your mobile number (assumming you’re an us resident) you can still download the software and install it.

I just did last night, but was kinda disappointed when I first tried to connect to the web using Skyfire. Even though the website appeared just as on my desktop, Skyfire seemed really slow and was not easy to work with … I will leave it on my Windows Mobile for a while and give it a second chance.