Batch Parameter

Even though PowerShell is actually becoming the de-facto standard for scripting, there are still a whole lot of batch-scripts which are used for every day tasks and need to be maintained. And event there are always new things to discover.

To pass parameters to a batch-file isn’t really something new. With %1, %2 and so on you can access those parameters within the script. Noteworthy might be the fact, that %1 is the first parameter, while %0 is the name of the script itself.

What I didn’t know so far where some extra variables like %~f0, %~d0, %~p0 … as well as combinations like %~dp0; but then again, I’m not really so much into batch-scripting.

Here is a little overview about what I recently discovered, maybe it helps for someone else:

Description Example
%~f complete path inlc. filename C:\winnt\system32\x.cmd
%~d drive letter C
%~p path \winnt\system32
%~dp complete path C:\winnt\system32
%~sp short path C:\Progra~1\Intern~1 (for C:\Programme\Internet Explorer)
%~x file extension .cmd
%~nx filename incl. extension x.cmd
%~sx short file extension .doc (for .document)
%~a file attributes
%~t date and time of a file
%~z size of a file

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