Manually restore timer settings

I just updated the image of my dreambox to the latest offical DMM release.

To get a clean start I did a manual backup of my settings located in /etc/enigma2. Actually the most valueable settings are the bouquets and the timer settings. So I just copied all files from /etc/enigma2 via FTP to my computer.

Restoring the bouquets is actually quite easy, just copy the bouquet files back to /etc/enigma2 and restart enigma. Voila!

But the timers.xml is totally different story. The timers.xml is being loaded into memory when enigma starts and is written back to disk when the box shutdowns. So just copying the timers.xml from the backup back to disk doesn’t do anything, since the file is being overwritten when enigma stops.

The solution is actually quite easy as well. Turn off enigma will flush the timers.xml to disk. To shutdown only enigma without turning off the dreambox you have to switch the runlevel. switching to init 4 will cause just this. Now you can copy the timers.xml from the backup to disk and then restart enigma with either init 3 or by starting enigma2.

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