Presentation Font Cache is running wild

I just noticed, that my current workstation is actually working. Not that I would not appreciate the effort – but actually this is more than I expected.

So I have a Core2Duo running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, and usually my CPU should be on an average of 10%. But recently this is up to 50%, one core is always running under full steam.

OK, so taking a look at the process explorer show, that the PresentationFontCache is actually causing all this. But why?

So someone on the MSDN Forums provided some help. First thing I noticed: I can’t stop the service, since it’s currently in startup-mode. And the service is also already set to manually startup.

Because I’m not an admin on my machine, I can’t just go to process-explorer and kill the task. Linux has this neet kill command, which Windows is missing.

OK, so I downloaded PsKill to do the job – but just to figure out, that a new process for the presentation-font-cache is spawning up. Oh-oh!

But I could delete the files, just as the forum-post suggested and this would actually stop the presentation-font-cache from restarting after another round of PsKill.

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