Naming of columns in SharePoint lists

You have to watch out, when choosing your column-names in SharePoint lists. A column can have any name and can easily been changed.

Good to know is the fact, that a column has actually two names. An internal name and a display name. When a new column is being created the choosen name is being used for both names, the internal as well as the display name. If you change the column name later on, you actually only change the display name, not the internal name.

So far, so good. If you create a new column called “Employee Name” then the internal name will be actually “Employee_x0020_Name”. This doesn’t look good and doesn’t feeld good when working with CAML queries or XSLT in SharePoint Designer.

A better approach would be to chose “EmployeeName” as the column name and then change the display name to “Employee Name” later on. This way you will get a nice and clean internal column name.

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