Integrated Windows Authentication in Mantis (Updated to Mantis 1.2.1)

In a previous post I described the necessary steps, to enable integrated windows authentication when working with Mantis on a linux box. These modifications where targeted against the 1.1.0a2 release of Mantis. In the meantime a lot of development has been done on Mantis, so that my original post isn’t quite accurate anymore. This post will enable you to use integrated security with the current 1.2.1 release of Mantis.

While the basic setup is somewhat unchanged, only the file core/authentication_api.php needs to be changed. The login.php doesn’t need to be changed anymore, since the functionallity moved to the authentication_api.php.

I added an updated patchfile to apply the necessary changes to the file.


  1. If you want ntlm + ldap (active directory integration) after appying this patch change in authentication_api.php all HTTP_AUTH to LDAP.
    Tested in 1.2.11

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