Browsing on codeproject

Codeproject is a tremendous ressource to provide some good examples on how to deal with certain problems/technologies. For that matter, you usually would want to download the sample-code provided by the author and just go right to the source.

This typically involves a number of repetitive steps: browse to the article, download the source, unzip it to a unique directory, open it with Visual Studio and finally review the code with the article.

I just stumbled across a knowledge-base entry, which originally dates back to 2007. This article introduces a codeproject browser extension to visual studio. So now you can just download the source from within visual studio jump to the project and reference back to the article – all without leaving Visual Studio – this is cool.

Ready to get fluent

Wow – it’s been quite a while, but I recently had some spare time to continue to play a little with the fluent NHibernate stuff.

It was, when I figured, that Fluent NHibernate has went RTM – which actually solves the version mismatch when working with the NHibernateIntergrationFacility of Castle Windsor, because Fluent NHibernate is now also based on instead of

So – happy fluent NHibernating!