Empty Desk-Policy – for Profiles

Every applications nowadays seems to create temp-files without feeling the need to clean up after them-selfs. So I need to take care of this matter.

At least most applications dump the temp-files in the appropriate temp-folder, that is being provided either by the windows environment or via special folders.

OK, but how do you get rid of this junk easily? The answer is simple: just setup an appropriate policy.

In order to do so, you first should create a little script:

cd %temp%
rd . /s /q
cd %windir%\temp
rd . /s /q

Call this script for e.g. del_tmp.cmd and place it in %windir%\system32\GroupPolicy\User\Scripts\Logoff.

Next startup an instance of gpedit.msc and go to user-settings\windows-settings\scripts. Here you can edit which scripts should be run at logon/logoff. Obviously we want our script to run at logoff.

OK, not everything is set to clean-up with every logoff.


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