Finding them windows

If you’re working with a laptop and you’re used to have a second monitor attached, you might tend to place some apps/windows on the secondary screen.

Once in a while you might start your laptop without having this handy little second monitor (for e.g. on the road :)) while traveling). Some apps tend to popup on the screen they were last used – and this is according to Murphy’s Law always the second monitor which is right now neither available nor connected.

So in order to access the app, you can do the following little trick:

  1. start the app (which is being displayed on the “wrong” display)
  2. click on the context-menu of the app in the taskbar and select “move”
  3. even though you don’t see the mouse-pointer/cursor move the mouse towards your primary display (if the second monitor is to the right of your laptop, the you might want to move left 🙂 ).
  4. you should see your app moving into sight!

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