NHibernatin' composite ids

So I tryed my way with NHibernate today, just doing some plain-old CRUD stuff. So I hooked up ye ol’ Norhtwind Database and tryed to create some objects. Ok, so I came up with Customers, Orders, OrderItems (called Order Details in the database) and Products. But wait – there is a slight problem: OrderItems has a so called composite-id. Although this is covered by NHibernate, this took quite a while to figure out. First of all I had to create the correct mapping file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<class name='OrderItem'
table='[Order Details]'>
<key-many-to-one name='Order'
class='Business.Order, business' />
<key-many-to-one name='Product'
class=Business.Product, business'/>
<property name='UnitPrice'/>
<property name='Quantity'/>
<property name='Discount'/>

After compiling this, I got a nice little error, telling me, that I should override the Equals() method. Ok, so I did how I was told, and came up with:

public override bool Equals(object obj)
//return base.Equals(obj);
OrderItem other = obj as OrderItem;
if (other != null) return (order.Id == other.order.Id) && (product.Id == other.product.Id);
else return false;
public override int GetHashCode()
//return base.GetHashCode();
return order.Id.GetHashCode() & product.Id.GetHashCode();

This finally did it 🙂

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