Mounting VMWare's shared folders in a Linux-Guest

I do like the feature of shared folders in VMWare a lot, since this takes away the hassel of setting up networking and an FTP-Server or Samba or stuff, just because you want to copy a couple of files.

Well, you could also use the Drag’n’Drop feature of VWMare, which is also very nice, but it’s quite slow on big files, and might not always work right away. Also you’ll be left with a whole bunch of temp files, which made recenlty the 2GB mark on my temp-dir 🙂

Well, so since I’ve been using shared folders for quite some time on Windows-Guests, it was just yesterday that I wanted to use them on a Linux-Guest. On Windows you’ll find in the network neighborhood a machine called .Host, which has a couple of shares (one for each shared folder). But how about Linux? After searching for a little while, I found them … in /mnt/hgfs/ you’ll find the shared folders mounted!

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