Persisting Dreams

After adding recently a PVR (Dreambox DM7025+) to my home entertainment system, I made some first progress on getting to know the newly added member.

The thing with PVRs is, that you can record tons of stuff, but you don’t have it on tape anymore. So what if you don’t want to watch that movie on your place but instead at a friends house? Do you take the PVR with you? Most certainly not. Back in those days of VHS you would just pop out the tape and walk over to your friends house – those days where easy. But wait, what about LP-mode of certain VCRs? That made life already complicated because not every VCR could play LP-mode taped shows … ok, I’m getting carried away.

Anyway; after records some stuff and watching how my harddisk is filling up I decided to persist some stuff on good old DVD. OK, so far so god. Looking at the harddish revealed that the movies consist of serveral files, the most data being stored im some *.ts file. Obviously there needs to be some work to be done.

Oozoon does not only provide some new and enhanced images for the Dreambox, but also features a great step-by-step guide on how to convert those recordings to be authored to a DVD.

So nice authoring everyone!

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