Expand your VMWare

This has been an issue for quite some time now, and I finally got around to actually do (and write about) it.

OK, imagine this: your setup your VMWare, install software and stuff … and after a couple of months you realize that you underestimated the capacity needs of your installation. So what should you do next, besides panic?

There is another solution (well, panic is still the #1 option!): you just resize your disk! As easy as this is said, the actual process is a little more complex.

  1. OK, first you need VMware DiskManager GUI. After powering the VMWare off, you can start to resize your disk.
  2. After “physically” expanding your disk, you also have to resize the partition. This can be done, by mounting the disk in another VMWare and executing ‘diskpart’:
    select volume [number of the volume to extend]
    extend filesystem

Look at MSDN for more Information about Diskpart.

Voila! This should be all.

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