Extending the Command Prompt

OK, you know all about pimping your Windows, but there is this one piece, that has never been touched bevor: the command prompt!

Well, guess what? There is more to it! When looking at the properties of the prompt you might be tempted to change the font of the command prompt, only to find out, that only one TTF is actually available: Lucida Console

This is because, there is – what else could there be!! – a registry-key controlling which fonts are valid for the command prompt. Looking at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont reveals that only Lucida Console is actually available. So just add another font to the key by adding an extra zero to the name. I added 00=Envy Code R 🙂

Another option is to use a replacement for the plain-old-command-prompt … like Console or PowerCmd.

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