Deploying Reporting Services

So I got involved with Microsoft Reporting Services. After installing a Reporting Server, and integrating this instance with my existing installation of Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS) I installed the Business Intelligence Studio on my workstation.

But whenever I wanted to deploy a project I got an error, that the requested URL could not be found. Crosschecking the project-settings didn’t show any errors. Working with the studio on the server (with the same settings) was just fine.

So after starring a while at my workstation I figured: the BI-Studio was calling some ReportingServer2005.asmx URL instead of ReportingServer2006.asmx. After verifying the version of the Reporting Services component on my workstation this revealed that I didn’t ran the latest version of Reporting Services on my workstation and thus I was accessing some obsolete URLS.

Installing the latest service-pack resolved this issue.

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