Generating Passwords

Generating passwords is always an issue. Nowadays passwords are needed everywhere, and having just this one secret pass, that is being used to secure everything is not that secure anymore. A password can be compromised quite easily, especially on the Internet you never know how secure passwords are actually stored.

So you will have create some random password, that makes also brute-force-attackes more complicated. But just starring at the keyboard does not do the job, so most likely you will need to find some software to generate those passwords for you.

After writing some simple VB6 application myself I figured, that the features of my app are quite limited and looking at google showed me, that there are already a whole bunch of this kind of applications available. So why write another …

So I came about two quite interesting ways to create new passwords. First you can use
Password Generator, which is a standalone VB6 application. Except for the VB6-runtime nothing else is required, not even an installation :). Besides generating passwords and choosing which character sets should be used to generate passwords (lower- and upper-case letters, numbers, special characters …) there are already predefined sets for passwords (for e.g. WPA2-keys, Windows 2003 passwords).

The other possibility to get a new random password is to use some web-based application like PC Tool’s Secure Password Generator. This offers the flexibility to generate a new password from everywhere! The website also offers SSL, so that the newly created passwords is not immediately compromised by a sniffer 🙂

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