Problems with ATPhoto and Plone 2.5.2

I use the ATPhoto product to add a photo-album to my websites. What I like about ATPhoto is, that it features a slide-show, but even better is the capability to identify the orientation of pictures and rotate them accordingly. This is neat, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of images taken by a digital camera that puts the orientation information into the EXIF-data. Another nice feature is the bulk-upload. You can zip your pictures and upload the zip-file instead of uploading each picture individually.

Well, anyway! So I had the currently available version of ATPhoto (1.0 alpha buld 53) installed. But after upgrading Plone to 2.5.2 I got an error when clicking on the individual images.

Unfortunately there is no newer version of the ATPhoto product available (is it still being developed, or should I lookout for some new product? Well, by now Plone features some basic photo-album features out of the box, since version 2.1.x). But luckily there is a bugfix at the subversion-repository available. There is also a collective issue that covers this problem.

To install the new version you have to completly remove the old installation (I would recomend move the atphoto folder to some temporary location) and then place the HEAD-revision of the subversion repository in the atphoto folder.

After restarting Plone my photo-album worked again, just like before 🙂

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