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Die Möglichkeit Junction Points in NTFS anzulegen existiert bereits seit Windows 2000. Allerdings geht das nicht direkt mit Bordmitteln, sondern es wird ein zusätzliches Tool von Microsoft benötigt.

Um NTFS Junction Points anzulegen wird das Programm linkd.exe benötigt, welches jeweils im Windows Resource Kit enthalten ist.

Mit linkd Zielverzeichnis Quellverzeichnis kann ein Link erstellt werden.

NOTE: Microsoft strongly recommends:

Use NTFS ACLs to protect junction points from inadvertent deletion.

Use NTFS ACLs to protect files and directories targeted by junction points from inadvertent deletion or other file system operations.

Never delete a junction point using Explorer, a del /s command, or other file system utilities that walk recursively into directory trees. These utilities will affect the target directory and all subdirectories. Instead, use the utilities described below to delete junction points.

Use caution when applying ACLs or changing file compression in a directory tree that includes NTFS Junction Points.

Do not create namespace cycles with NTFS or DFS junction points.

Place all your junction points at a secure location in a namespace where you can test them out in safety, and other users will not mistakenly delete them or walk through them.

Link: Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools

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